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We know a lot goes into the best vape juice. If you’re looking for e-liquids with:

The perfect balance of PG and VG

Unforgettable tastes based on your favourite drinks, desserts and fruits

Smooth texture and perfect consistency

Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions about our wide range of flavours, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love feedback!

We divide our Premium Vape Australia into multiple categories. There are:

Desserts, which contain flavours such as vanilla custard, apple crumble, chocolate

Energy, whose flavours evoke caffeine drinks such as energy drinks, cola and espresso

Fruit, with flavours such as forest fruits, bonkers banana and peach & mango

Party mix, whose flavours resemble alcoholic beverages like gin, bourbon, mojitos and cocktails

Tobacco, with flavours such as Kentt, Winn and Cherry Cigar

What is an e-liquid?

In case you’re new to Premium Vape Australia, ‘E-liquid’ is a term for the liquid that is used in a vape/e-cigarette to produce both the flavour and vapour. E-liquid consists of two main components - Propylene Glycol (PG) which thins out the consistency of the vapour and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) which thickens the consistency of the vapour. 

PG and VG What Now?

Propylene Glycol is a synthetic organic compound that is used in food processing and pharmaceuticals. It is a clear, odourless, thin, and slightly sweet tasting liquid. Vegetable Glycerine is a colourless, odourless liquid that is non-toxic. It also has a slightly sweet taste, and is used in the food industry as an artificial sweetener as well as in pharmaceuticals.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are the carriers of the flavour concentrates. VG is essentially used as a thickener, whereas PG does the opposite - it is used as a thinner.

What is the VG/PG Ratio, and How Does It Affect My Vape Juice?

The VG/PG ratio describes the difference in quantity between the Propylene Glycol and the Vegetable Glycerine of the vape juice, defining its consistency and therefore harshness on the throat. 

A higher PG ratio such as 70PG/30VG is quite a ‘thin’ liquid, and will typically give you a slightly harsher throat hit. A high VG ratio such as 65VG/35PG is often softer on the throat and will produce larger, more dense vapour production.

What if I want to mix e-liquid flavours?

Go right ahead! One of the most exciting parts of vaping is which flavours you choose. Let your taste buds explore a wide range of flavours from your favourite dessert to your favourite drink. Here, at the best Vape Shop Australia, we have over 30 different flavours to mix and match. 

The sheer amount of combinations that are available thanks to all of the different flavours that we provide, is too large to even try to count. Crazy Coconut and Mango Tango? Iced Coffee and Chocolate? Don’t let one flavour of Premium Vape Australia stop you from having fun and making a completely unique flavour.

Are vapes in Australia legal?

The short answer is yes. The consensus between the states is that Vapes Australia are:

- classified as smoke products (i.e. they cannot be used in smoke free areas, etc.)

- governed by the same laws as tobacco products (i.e. they cannot be sold to people under the age of 18, etc.)

- illegal to sell if they contain liquid nicotine

The best thing you can do is check the individual laws of your state. While it is highly unlikely that a Vape Shop Australia will deviate from the above consensus, it is always a good idea to be aware of where you stand legally.

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